Redefining Underwear

Fusing innovation and performance, our skivvies are crafted to make you feel good. Discover recent collections and developments here

Master Collection 

The Master Collection introduces a range of fits for both men and women. Our base fabric for this collection is Modal, a high quality textile that is incomparably soft, derived from natural sources, and tinted with a well-balanced mixture of soft and electric colors. For a polished finish, the waistband is both soft and supportive, and equipped with our signature Condom Pocket.

Tush Takes Action

The Tush Takes Action collection encourages healthy sexual lifestyles by featuring a collection of witty thought provoking prints. With these sex-inspired skivvies and our signature Condom Pocket, being safe has never been so cheeky!


The Seamless collection is introduced as part of our Master Collection 2014, but is made from a blend of nylon/spandex. Their smoothness makes them unnoticeable to the feel and their seamless construction leaves little visible lines. It’s a minimalist collection designed to follow your curves beautifully and naturally.

The Condom Pocket

We dare to go where no one has gone before. Got carried away on a romantic whim? We’ve got you covered with the Tush Skivvies Condom Pocket. Conveniently placed for fast and easy access, we’ve covered the bases so you’ll never have to go unprepared again.

The Mesh Pocket

The front Condom Pocket is built-in the front of the underwear, concealed in the mesh strip.

The Interior Pocket

The interior Condom Pocket is fused in the waistband using radio-frequency welding techniques to avoid holes made by stitches.